We provide simplified purchasing and procurement solutions to General Contractors and Skilled Trades businesses of all sizes. By working with The Wherehouse, you can focus on doing what you do best, because that’s just good business sense.

We know and respect that being in business as a construction general contractor or skilled tradesperson is a full-time job in and of itself. The Wherehouse provides you with simplified and cost-efficient solutions for procurement so you can focus on your trade. We know the importance of hands-on involvement because we’ve all been there. Leveraging our vast, established network of suppliers and fabricators, you can simply tell us what you need, and we source everything FOR you. We save you time and money by acting as your go-to purchasing agent so you don’t need to cross-train or keep a full-time agent on staff.

We are able to help customers get materials in a timely and efficient manner and stay within budget because we keep relationships with a wide network of supply houses and distributors. Our purchasing and procurement service not only benefits our contractor customers, but also assists our distributors by keeping manufacturing staff on-premises and productive. We’ll do the “heavy lifting” of procurement, and help keep everyone’s folks right Where the Work Is. Saving time and money is a win/win for you and your customers.


The Wherehouse takes the hassle out of commodity material procurement with a simplified procurement process, shared logistics and solid relationships with multiple supply houses. Learn More… 


The Wherehouse provides you with decades of experience coordinating takeoffs, submittals and project closeouts so you can focus on your project at hand. Learn More… 


Save on labor costs by taking advantage of the speed, quality and efficiency that comes along with using prefabricated materials. Learn More… 


From proposals to plans to submittals to signage – Make The Wherehouse your one-stop for all of your printed jobsite Materials. Learn More…