Materials Procurement

The Wherehouse Purchasing & Logistics Corp takes the hassle out of commodity material procurement.

The Wherehouse, we specialize in wholesale procurement and supply of contractors’ general equipment such as tools and hardware; electrical supplies; plumbing materials; heating and air conditioning (HVAC) supplies and materials; and automotive parts, specialty automotive tools, accessories, and fabrication equipment.

We know that procurement and logistics within construction and specialty trade contracting can be very inefficient and unreliable. Materials quotes, ordering, and delivery often takes an extended amount of time, with little to no benefit or savings to the customer. The average turn time for basic materials is 24+ hours and can take multiple calls and/or emails to understand exactly what you need to order. This DIY procurement process also leaves the contractor at the liberty of just one or two wholesalers that do a great job advertising the material needed. While that visibility is good for the wholesalers themselves, this can mean you’re paying a premium. We aim to change that.

The Wherehouse Purchasing & Logistics Corp takes the hassle out of commodity material procurement by offering our customers:

      • A simplified procurement process through ONE email, phone call or online order.


      • Shared logistics – Supply houses and customers can leverage a “supply share” pool of drivers to get the material when needed in as little as 30 MINUTES.

      • Customer savings by leveraging solid relationships with multiple supply houses for their material lists.

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