Construction Project Coordination

The Wherehouse shares our decades of experience coordinating takeoffs, submittals and project closeouts. We help you truly focus on the hands-on details of your project.

As a contractor, focusing your time and energy on construction takeoffs, submittals, and project closeouts can be daunting. This can add costly time to your project, as well as open up areas for discrepancies. The Wherehouse provides decades of experience in these crucial construction processes so that you are able to keep your project management team focused on the important hands-on project requirements.

Takeoff Support

Determining the cost of materials is one of the more challenging aspects of the construction takeoff process. Accurate costing ensures you keep within the proposed budgets for your project. This is an absolute must for guaranteeing a project is profitable. When you work with The Wherehouse, you can be confident that you are leveraging our vast network of suppliers and getting the best pricing on commonly used construction materials. The Wherehouse has established tried-and-true takeoff methods to streamline the construction takeoff process, while also saving you the labor hours of a single estimator.

Submittal Support

Submittals are an excellent QC tool to ensure property owners are delivered exactly what is intended of the project. Building an accurate submittal takes up a LOT of time and effort. General contractors and project engineers face the daunting task of processing documents from umpteen different subs. Then comes auditing to submittal logs, reviewing and re-reviewing them, forwarding, gathering approvals, and so on. This is done throughout the construction project, and again at closeout. Sometimes submittal documents can look like novels, and can ping pong between contractors and subcontractors. This ping-pong occurs with change orders, revisions, and approvals throughout the life of the project, and can take up quite a bit of time. The Wherehouse understands that maintaining submittals can be a tedious part of any project, and we are ready to take that on FOR YOU.

Closeout Support

Your closeout approach can have long-lasting make-or-break implications for your company. Ideally, closeout will go perfectly smoothly every time, but this is the real world. Here, there may be last-minute delays, unfinished change-orders, or missing sign-offs which can easily happen. It is common for even the most thorough of contractors to overlook details of a closeout when they have been hands-on for the entire project. So, no matter how well the final stage looks, the job is not complete until all steps of the closeout have been completed and all work has final approval. At The Wherehouse, we have a proven process in place to make sure you receive a well-documented closeout. We ensure that everything is complete, each and every time. This means you can provide your customers with excellence, and you can continue to win their business.

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